5 Reasons Your A:C Unit Needs Bi-Annual Inspections

Do you know why most responsible households schedule an A/C inspection twice a year as a thumb rule? Your HVAC appliances happen to be some of the most crucial systems that maintain an optimal temperature in your interiors. Well, you visit car mechanics, physicians, and even dentists at least twice a year, right? We, at Air Texas, have justified why you’re A/C unit needs biannual inspections.

A professional maintenance can protect your warranty, besides slashing down your power bills! Well, have a look at why you’re A/C unit needs a professional hand at regular intervals.

Benefits of biannual inspections for your AC

Remember, repairing your unit may be expensive. Timely inspections can save you from shelling out unnecessary expenses on repairs. Here are the top five reasons explaining the importance of timely inspections.

  1. Enjoy better quality of indoor air

The indoor air at your residential or commercial unit contains bacteria, chemicals, mold, dander, and dirt. This is the reason your A/C comes with filters. However, these filters need to be cleaned from time to time. The contaminants keep building in the A/C filters, as the same air recirculates within the interiors. Besides, the coils and ducts get jammed. Evidently, it is recommended to appoint an inspection once in six months to clean the system. Failure to do so deteriorates the air quality in your interiors.

  • Reduce your energy bills

Unless you appoint a timely inspection for your A/C, your energy bills can shoot up by 30% to 40%. Remember, these systems are designed to operate in peak summer, while keeping your bills nominal. However, without professional maintenance, you would have to spend more on your bills. Again, high energy bills indicate that your A/C needs a repair or maintenance. Eventually, you would end up spending more than you try to save by ignoring the inspection.

  • Lower expenses on breakdowns

During the colder months, your air conditioner remains dormant. All this time, it accumulates dirt, dust and debris. Eventually, most homeowners schedule an inspection in early summer. During the inspection, the professionals lubricate the moving parts, tighten the electrical connections and clean the filters. In the process, they keep the system in good shape. With this preventive care, chances of A/C breakdown during the peak summer remain low. This significantly reduces your costs on possible repairs.

  • Extended lifespan

With biannual inspection, your A/C gets a longer lifeline. The professionals carry out minor repairs during these scheduled maintenances. As a result, this limits the wear and tear on the system, that would otherwise take place. The experts working with us recommend the necessary repairs during inspection, before they turn into costly expenses. In the process, your A/C gets an extended lifespan.

  • Lower carbon footprints

As a concerned citizen, you would probably like to reduce the carbon footprints generated by your HVAC system. Timely inspection keeps the air conditioner properly working, thereby reducing its carbon footprints in the environment.

 To schedule an inspection for you’re A/C, contact us at Air Texas at (210) 602-7181. You may also reach out to us through this contact form for a prompt response.

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