5 signs your air-conditioning is failing

5 signs your air-conditioning is failing

The purpose of air-conditioning goes beyond providing comfort. You would want the air-conditioning system in your home to retain its functional capacity round the year. It also plays a key role in creating an ambience in the home. In case you work from home, a change in the ambience due to an air-conditioning failure can be really problematic. Apart from arranging for regular maintenances, you should also look out for the signs of a failing air conditioner. As a leading company in this field, we, at Air Texas AC, can repair faulty ACs successfully.

How do you know that the air conditioner is failing?

Homeowners who do not have much experience or knowledge regarding air conditioning often overlook vital signs of an air conditioning failure. When you know what to look out for, you can easily detect a potential problem and hire an AC repair specialist. Here are some of the telltale signs that may give you hints of a failure

  1. Weak airflow

If you notice that the airflow of your air conditioner has suddenly weakened, it is definitely a cause of concern. There are several potential reasons behind weak airflow in an air conditioner. These include blocked vents and ducts, dirty air filters and leaks in the duct. While clogs prevent the airflow directly, leaks allow the air to escape elsewhere.

2. Inadequate cooling

The very purpose of your air conditioner is to cool the room. When it starts failing, one of the first signs that you would notice is a drop in its cooling ability. This can be a result of refrigerant leaks or problems with the thermostat. In case someone changes the settings of a programmable thermostat or the thermostat gets ghost readings from an external source, it can malfunction.

3. Loud noises

In case your HVAC system starts emitting loud or strange noises, turn it off immediately. Usually, such noises are the result of loose components and slipping belts. Contact a professional immediately to get your system checked. Running an air conditioner with loose parts can result in severe damage. The noises loose parts can create include humming, hissing, rattling, squealing or buzzing sounds.

4. Increasing energy bills

A malfunctioning air conditioner can be a reason behind high electricity bills. If you notice a sudden hike in your bills but cannot figure out the reason behind it, getting the air conditioner checked can provide you with an answer. Often, insufficient insulation or other problems cause air conditioners to consume more power than they should.

5. High humidity

Quite often, air conditioner failures result in a sharp rise in the humidity of the room. If the air conditioner room seems very humid and the walls turn damp, your air conditioner might need a repair. You may also look out for water pooling around the windows.


If you happen to notice any of these signs, immediately get in touch with an air conditioning repair company and hire a professional to check your AC. For professional and reliable services, you may call Air Texas AC at (210) 602-7181 or email us at service@airtxac.com.

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