How to prepare your HVAC system for spring

How to prepare your HVAC system for spring?

Homeowners often overlook the end of winter as a great time to get their HVAC system ready for another year of service. Not only would it prepare the system for efficient functioning well before summer, but it would also guarantee good indoor air-quality during spring. For individuals who are allergic, springtime can prove to be a nightmare due to the abundance of pollen and other allergens in the air. However, it is advisable to rope in an experienced team for the job. At Air Texas AC, we are one of the leading companies for heating system maintenance, and can help you out with quality services. 

Steps to take to ready your HVAC system for spring

Tackling the job in a systematic manner and focusing on the right tasks would help you get your HVAC system ready without much hassle. Here are a few steps to take while preparing your HVAC system for spring:

  1. Change the filters

To keep your HVAC system running properly and ensure clean air quality, you would have to change the filters every season. Over time, the filters clog up with dirt and start failing to clean the air properly. Considering the large amount of pollen and other allergens present in the air during spring, it would be smart to swap out the filters before spring sets in. 

  1. Get the outdoor coil cleaned

The outdoor coil stays exposed to weather elements all the time and suffers wear and tear. This is especially the case during cold winters with snowfalls, and inadequate care can cause damages. With that said, it is advisable to inspect the outdoor coils and clean them if necessary, at the onset of spring. Although you could do this yourself, it would be better to hire a professional team equipped with sophisticated equipment for the task. 

  1. Arrange for a preventative maintenance

In case your HVAC system is getting old, it would be growing prone to various problems. Arranging for preventative maintenances once in a while is a smart choice and this is a good time for it. Professionals can look for clogs, test the efficiency of the system and look for other potential problems. They would clean the HVAC system and service it, getting it ready for seamless functioning. 

  1. Clean up the supply vents and registers

The supply vents and registers of an HVAC system can clog up during winter too, just like the filters. The onset of spring is an ideal time to clean them out and vacuum any dust, pet hair, etc. You might also want to arrange for duct cleaning, as the cleanliness of the ducts largely determines the airflow and the air quality. 

Other things that need attention A leaky HVAC system is inefficient and can lead to high energy bills over time. As HVAC systems get older, there are various loose connections and the seals start deteriorating. Also, the insulations may crack over time and condensate lines may fail to drain properly. Being proactive and readying your HVAC system at the onset of spring will save you a great deal of hassle down the road. Feel free to fill up this form or call Air Texas AC at (210) 602-7181 to get your HVAC system serviced.

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