Smart thermostats, great gift for Christmas that will help you save money.

Are you looking for a gift this Christmas that can help you save money?.

The new smart thermostats can make the most of your heating system and can help you save money. In some cases it will pay for itself within one to two years. Smart thermostats are not much different than a traditional thermostat in the sense that they will control your heating and cooling system, but they are far more advanced thanks to today’s technology.

For example during the heating season, you may set your thermostat to a cooler temperature while you are away so you do not waste energy and money $$$. To do this, you just need to program your thermostat to turn on minutes before you arrive your home. Moreover, what if you could use your phone to tell your thermostat you are on your way home?.

A smart thermostat can have a big impact on your energy bills, almost half of monthly energy costs are controlled by your thermostat and a smart thermostat can help reduce your energy bills. A good example how this devices help you save money is heating an empty home. Do you leave your temperature at its current setting even when leaving your home? If so, you’re wasting money. A digital thermostat, depending on the model, can adjust these settings to save you money rather than heating an empty house. Many thermostats are also including sensor technology to heat the home when it senses you are home, and changes the settings when you’re gone.

How much can you save with a smart thermostat?

The savings that you will experience will vary depending on the model that you choose, the most popular are: Nest, Ecobee, Emerson Sensi, Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart and Trane ComfortLink. And if you’re wondering about the cost, you could spend as little as $120 on a lower-end digital thermostat or as much is $300 for a higher-end model.

A smart thermostat is installed just like any other model, and requires manual adjustments by you for the first week or so. Once you have adjusted the thermostat to your comfort levels a few times a day, the thermostat learns these preferences and automatically makes adjustments. When your schedule varies, it can automatically adapt and save you money on heating and cooling while you’re not home.

Some considerations for installing a smart thermostat:

  • Don’t buy a smart thermostat until you know if your home’s HVAC and electrical systems will work with it.
  • Have your Wi-Fi password handy.
  • A smartphone, tablet, or computer is needed to get the most out of your smart thermostat’s remote monitoring and control capabilities.

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