What Is Involved In An HVAC System Inspection In San Antonio

You know that regular HVAC inspection is necessary for all AC’s installed on residential and commercial properties. But many people wonder about the nature of this inspection and whether they need to spend money on hiring professionals.

An inspection done by expert HVAC professionals in San Antonio follows a specific process. We at Air Texas offer comprehensive air conditioning system installation, maintenance, and inspection services. A detailed check ensures that your heating and cooling system, including its components, is checked meticulously.

The general steps followed during an HVAC inspection are:

  • A professional HVAC contractor in San Antonio starts the inspection by checking the thermostat, which is the central temperature control unit of the system. The expert examines the performance of the thermostat to ensure that the switch-on and switch-off functions work perfectly. They then check the temperature control settings, clean the unit, and remove the collected dust and debris to promote its smooth functioning. 
  • The HVAC inspector will disconnect power to the heating and cooling system during the inspection process to ensure the safety of the people around. If the power is not disconnected, the moving parts of the air conditioner and furnace can get accidentally switched on and cause injury, while the work is in progress.
  • The next step is external cleaning of the unit by vacuuming and brushing the dust, cobwebs, leaves, and other material. Now, they open up the system without any worry about exposed delicate components getting spoiled by dust or debris. 
  • The fins are a vital component of your HVAC unit. They must be straight and clean for the unit’s proper functioning. If the fins are extremely dirty, the professionals clean them with a powerful cleaning agent. An experienced contractor never uses a pressure washer to clean them because the fins may bend. If the technician notices any unevenness in the shape of the fins, they will straighten them with a selective fin-straightening tool.
  • Ensuring the levelness of the unit is an essential aspect of the inspection. If the unit is not installed on level ground, it can result in premature failure of the compressor. That is why our technicians place your HVAC system on even ground by using props, shims, or other methods if necessary.

The experienced team also works on some other aspects of the system, such as:

  • Cleaning the evaporator coil. 
  • Checking runoff water flow.
  • Examining whether the HVAC system filters need replacement. It is one of the last steps of your HVAC inspection in San Antonio. Experts recommend the replacement of filters every three months with an outer limit of six months to ensure proper running of the equipment and reducing energy costs. 
  • Checking ductwork to identify clogs and leaks and fixing the issues.
  • Restoring every component of the system to its original position. 
  • Cleaning up all the mess around the system.
  • Switching on the system and checking that it is working well.

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