Why Bi-annual Inspections are Crucial to the Operation of Your HVAC System

Why Bi-annual Inspections are Crucial to the Operation of Your HVAC System

An HVAC inspection helps ensure that you have a long-lasting air conditioning system. Regularly maintained HVAC systems in San Antonio will also boost energy-efficiency that can save costs on bills. Lack of maintenance can cause early deterioration or need for constant repairs which can mean you have to replace the unit prematurely.

A replacement will be significantly more expensive. However, bi-annual AC maintenance will detect and fix issues that sometimes remain overlooked. San Antonio air conditioning maintenance and inspection usually involve testing the following:

  • Drain line
  • Return and supply lines
  • Motor
  • Operating pressures and temperatures
  • Connections
  • Blower
  • Coils
  • Refrigerant levels

You must also contact specialists, like us at Air Texas, to test the HVAC system’s air ducts. Inspecting the ductwork is critical since it is responsible for extracting warm air and delivering cool air to your house.

Besides saving time and finding minor issues before they get severe, having an AC inspection often has some advantages. Here are five reasons for carrying out an AC inspection:

  1. Maintain the Health of Your Family

The dirt, mold and debris that accumulates in the filters and ducts will spread in your household, contaminating the air inside. This affects air quality throughout your home, and the particulates can also cause breathing problems as well as sudden respiratory diseases. AC technicians will examine the ductwork and tell you whether it requires cleaning. HVAC contractors in San Antonio, TX, will clean ducting, so you and your family can get cleaner air and live comfortably.

  1. Eliminate Increased Energy Bills

As described above, disregarding to get an AC inspection will result in an unreliable system that requires more electricity. Hire experts to test system inefficiencies and inspect whether ductwork is experiencing leaks. Testing this and resolving small faults will reduce energy expenses, and result in seamless operation.

  1. Improve Internal Air Circulation

Arranging bi-annual checks, and cleaning and repair of the AC systems ensure uninterrupted airflow through the ducts into your house and all spaces. Being confident that your residence doesn’t face the issue of a dirty duct network would keep you relaxed and happy.

  1. Increased Air Quality Throughout Your House

Maintaining the AC system enhances the filtering of dirt and other air pollutants inside the home. This also guarantees maximum efficiency of the ductwork system. You can do this by hiring a qualified HVAC specialist.

  1. Reduced Load on the HVAC System 

When you do not have scheduled HVAC maintenance, more work is needed to account for rusty, leaking and defective components. Regular testing and fixing defective parts on time is better than costly replacement of the whole HVAC system.

Bi-annual HVAC inspections have to be carried out by highly-trained and certified HVAC professionals in San Antonio. We do more than just look around and replace the air filter. Everything, including the ducts, wiring, evaporator coils, motors, and drains as well as other parts are carefully inspected to ensure they function as intended

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